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Original review (Nov, 2020): Much has already been made of Immortals Fenyx Rising's very obvious similarities to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and with good reason - this is a game that cribs heavily, unashamedly, from Nintendo's Magnum Opus. From its puzzle shrines and stamina-based climbing, to its huge freewheeling open world and core narrative structure, this is a game that owes a huge amount to 2017's mighty Hylian masterpiece. Of course, if you're going to draw heavily from a title so beloved by so many, you're gonna need to do a stand-up job or suffer the consequences and, thankfully, in this regard Ubisoft Quebec has mostly come up trumps with a fantastical Ancient Greek adventure that, despite a few problems here and there, is well worth sinking your time into.

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Standing atop a mountain here or successfully climbing one of the four statues you'll need to summit in order to activate each God's main questline, you may not be presented with a sweeping vista that's filled with the same level of magic, intrigue and pure artistry as that found in Breath of the Wild - what's here is much more an enormous junkyard of Greek mythology, its statues, temples and towers strewn around at odd angles - but it's a hugely impressive creation nonetheless. This is a world that's a joy to swoop, climb and gallop around, a massive playground with new treasures, puzzles and challenges waiting around every corner. It's also a world that's at its very best when it allows you total freedom to explore, battle, upgrade, puzzle and move the story forward as you see fit, and it's in this respect that Immortals Fenyx Rising makes perhaps its biggest mistake.

Immortals Fenyx Rising undoubtedly owes a huge debt to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, borrowing wholesale as it does from its core gameplay mechanics and narrative structure. However, what Ubisoft Quebec has come up with here also adds enough of its own spin on proceedings, with a strong personality and sense of humour sat alongside some brilliantly designed puzzles, flashy, satisfying combat and a huge world full of secrets, treasures and Ancient Greek mythology to discover. It may falter slightly in the final stretch by wrestling away player freedom and funnelling you through its overly long endgame, but this is still a hugely entertaining, technically impressive Ancient Greek romp that's well worth experiencing.

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