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Girls Forever (1056) Mp4

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Girls Forever (1056) mp4

You've made one too many comments about girls asses online and now Nika and Sushii have shrunken you down to a doll size. These two brats have perfect asses and know just how to punish your little body with them! They take turns grinding their thick bootys on your little body, flicking your little pecker as they see you get more and more turned on by how big their asses are! They squish you under their butts crushing you flat while they giggle and laugh at your pain!Starring: Nika Venom, Sushii Xhyvette

Length: 10 minsClip features: Crush, Stomping, Foot Domination, Sound FX, Music, Hand Held.Josie has come over to visit her friend Valerie. The girls start chatting when Josie can't hold it in anymore, She has to show Valerie what she found in her house! Valerie is intrigued as Josie pulls out a tiny man. As she holds him ion her palm Valerie can't believe it! How did he get so small? Josie giggles and tells Valerie there's something interesting about the tiny, he can't be crushed. Valerie doesn't believe her, but Josie drops him on the floor. Valerie is shocked as Josie stomps her huge sole on him, but as she lifts her foot he is still alive and well. Valerie still thinks there's a trick and wants to try herself. Much to her shock he survives her even bigger foot as she smashes down on him with little effect. The girls can't believe and start trying different ways to crush him with their feet, There HAS to be a way to do it!

It's Xmas morning and a mysterious box turns up for the 3 roommates Onyx, Misty and Fina. As they open it, they are met with a bunch of tinies that have been shrunken and sent to them. Most people would be shocked, but these three are sadistic! They start pulling out the tinies one by one and disposing of them, first they enjoy eating them, taking their time to taste and devour, one tries to escape as he bites Onyx before she can swallow him. But he is met by the now giant feet of the three, the girls now enjoy crushing them with their feet and one gets smashed under Misty's ass! The torment continues for them as these three giantesses want to eat or crush them all!STarring: Onyx Kim, Goddess Fina, Misty Meaner

You've had a thing for the hot neighbor girls for a while. Somehow you've managed to shrink yourself and have snuck into their room. At first you thought you got away with it as they tower over you unaware of your tiny presence, but soon you are spotted! They think maybe you're just a bug first, but soon realize you're the neighbor! Now they are annoyed that you thought you could just sneak in and perve on them without their knowledge. They raise their huge soles over you as they decide they want to keep you as a tiny foot slave instead!Starring: Mandy Wolf, Madeline, Mia Hope *VIRTUAL REALITY* *VV360* *GIANTESS*

You told your girlfriend you were gonna head over to her house a little early before she got off work to hang out a bit and unwind. Once you arrive you find her step-sis Jasper hanging out on the couch gaming. You've always found Jasper hotter than your gf, she always wears the cutest outfits and sneakers on her feet. The same feet you've always fantasized about seeing in person, but it seems she always has footwear on around you or socks. As you enter, she's geeking out ignoring you. She has a solid following on her streaming page and cares little for you, she actually despises you secretly as she knows you are a little pervert and doesn't get why her step-sis can't see that. You can't help but stare at her shoes as she tells you to leave her alone. You are frozen in place as you can't stop staring, now she gets mad and points her control pad at you, a flash disorientates you as you slowly start shrinking down smaller and smaller. She grins as she picks you up and starts telling you how fucked you are now! She's knwon all along that you are a sneaky foot perve and she's gonna give you want you've always wanted, but not in the way you'd like it! She commands you to start licking the bottoms of her dirty adidas superstars. Each grain is like a huge meal for your tiny body. She takes off her shoes and has you do the same to her massive thick bare feet. The smell is pungent as she had no socks on. You wince as you try your best to keep her happy. SHe is bored of commanding you around and decides to keep streaming on her game, but she will tape you to her foot in the meantime. After a while her phone rings, it's your gf! Jasper casually tells her she hasn't seen you, and that you probably went out without her. The two girls discuss heading the the bar instead and finding some new men! Dread pours over you as you realize she's about to wear you on her sole as she slips on her shoes and leaves to go dancing with her step-sis.The next morning she comes back home, still feeling the effects of the partying, she giggles as she pulls off her shoe and pulls her foot up to her face. EWWW! The smell is overwhelming! She cackles in delight as she notices you are still alive and still stuck on her sole. Her demeanor changes as she pulls you off her foot and purposely drops you on the floor. She stands up towering over your tiny body! She raises her huge foot over you. Since you were able to withstand a whole night of her dancing on you, she is interested in seeing just how much you can handle. She slowly smashes her sole on your over and over again. Grinding it into your body. She is impressed, she didn't realize shrinking you would make you so hardy. Maybe she will keep you around for good, and you can just live in her shoe!

Custom Script:The video's story would be about Mikayla saying how I'm already too short and puny to be any good to her so she will slowly shrink me shorter and shorter to a more appropriate height to then serve as her puny slave forever. She will slowly shrink me down with extreme verbal humiliation, yelling, and size comparisons. The more I shrink the more body worship would be required with Mikayla eventually making me her slave and requiring her to be called a Goddess.Mikayla should have very mean, angry, attitude and have a loud authoritative tone and yell throughout the video. Also can she wear a tight and small bikini and sheer see through black thigh high nylons. When the viewer is initially shrunk down show a POV shot and then a Sfx shot of the guy shrinking down.A shot when I am slightly below breast height and Mikayla pushes down on my head and tells me to shrink shorter now! And it shows me shrinking shorter. A shot when I am around waist high and she orders me to kiss her ass standing up. A shot when I am waist high and she tells me she is my Goddess now and then order me to shrink for her and it shows me shrinking below her waist to mid thigh.She slaps me a couple times and with each slap I shrink more until I am around knee height. Then she says she thinks she will take a seat and proceeds to sit on the shrunken man while he is standing up. The shrunken man tries to hold Mikayla up but struggles and starts shrinking more while she is sitting on him causing Mikayla to fall with the shrunken man trapped under her. When the shrunken man stands he is only halfway up her shin. She kneels next to him and is angry that he let her fall and pushes her hand down on his head and compresses him smaller. She then picks him up and puts him on the palm of her other hand and yells at him to shrink smaller and it shows him shrinking smaller. She also flicks him a couple times with her finger causing him to shrink more.She puts me on the table to worship her feet and after a little while she asks if I am intimidated that her feet are bigger than me which causes me to shrink smaller. When I am only an inch tall have her move closer to the table showing her face and hands in front of me on the table. She tells me that she will be my Goddess forever and she knows I want to be her slave forever. She commands and yells at me to shrink forever and become a part of her forever. And I start to shrink smaller to a quarter of an inch. (Sfx shot)She then picks me up between her fingernails and holds me in front of her face. She continues to yell at me to shrink smaller for your Goddess and eventually I shrink so small that I absorb right into her eye. Starring: Mikayla Miles, Jason Ninja

After coming home from the bar with Brenna and Nebula, you find yourself awakening to being an inch tall and at the giant feet of the two girls whom you thought you were bringing home with you. They let you in that they know what creepy things you've been doing to the other girls at the bar and tonight that's gonna come to an end - On the bottom of their soles!Starring: Brenna McKenna, Goddess Nebula*VIRTUAL REALITY 360* *FOOT DOMINATION* *GIANTESS*

When Mandy, Madeline and Joey turn up to their friends house to head off to a party, their friends are nowhere to be found! The three hotties have no idea their friends have all been shrunk and are scattered all over the floor! The three girls totally unaware as they start walking back and forth just missing the tinies at their giant feet! Soon though the tinies are not so lucky as the giant women crush them underfoot still not even realizing what they are doing as the little people are crushed over and over. Starring: Mandy Wolf, Madeline, Joey White

You've always been a bit of a dick to your classmates in your college class. Especially the two hot girls Joey and Lola. You've secretly had a crush on them but have chosen to bully them for their attention. The two of them had enough and invited you over making you think you were gonna have a threesome. However, as you slowly awaken, you are stunned as you look up and see the two giant brats towering over you! They mock you for thinking you and a chance with them and are mad that you've bullied them for so long. Now they are gonna be the giant bullies with you stuck under their feet!Starring: Lola Leda, Joey White 041b061a72

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