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VIDEO and AUDIOScouts Guide might have been marginalized in theaters, but this was still a $15 million production from a major studio, so not surprisingly, it looks like one in Paramount's sterling Blu-ray presentation. The 2.40:1 visuals are sharp and vibrant, while the 5.1 DTS-HD master audio does a lively job of distributing dialogue, music, and those zombie sound effects. A variety of dubs and subtitles are characteristically provided. BONUS FEATURES, MENUS, PACKAGING and DESIGNThe Blu-ray's all-HD bonus features begin with "Scouts Guide to Filmmaking" (29:34), a thorough making-of documentary which collects candid remarks from the filmmakers and cast, tons of behind-the-scenes footage, and real insight into various facets of the film's creation, from cinematography and raunch to long Mondays and stretchy prosthetic penises.While you might feel that long piece said it all, three shorter topical featurettes follow."The Zombie Makeup FX Handbook" (5:37) shows us the "medically accurate" vein tattoo effects applied to the faces of the film's zombie extras."Undead Movement Guidelines: Zombie Choreography" (5:12) lives up to its title with looks at how the zombies were instructed to move in different ways based on their characters. "Uniforms and You: Costume Design" (5:11) considers the scouts' uniforms and other wardrobe choices as a reflection of those characters.Finally, we get a short deleted scenes section (2:36) consisting of an extended version of the film-opening low-grade scout recruitment video and Ben and Carter's otherwise missing visit to a desolate pharmacy to buy condoms.Per Paramount's practices, the DVD has no bonus features at all. Each disc utilizes the same static, silent, fast-loading main menu screen. Curiously, the studio has even done away with previews for other properties.The plainly labeled blue and gray discs share a glossily-slipcovered eco-friendly keepcase (both featuring the throwback Drew Struzan-inspired poster artwork) with an insert supplying your Digital HD with UltraViolet code and doubling as an ad for the Scouts Guide game app.CLOSING THOUGHTSScouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse delivers the occasional laugh, but too often relies on extreme violence and gross-out gags to get a reaction. This middling horror comedy will be best appreciated by those fond of a blend of those genres and perhaps those with a soft spot for the boy scout life. Paramount's combo pack sports great picture and sound, plus some substantial making-of material. I can't recommend it as more than a one-time viewing, though, so it is best suited for a rental, and even then only for interested, genre-inclined parties.Buy Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse from + DVD + Digital HD / DVD / Instant Video



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