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2.0 (Enthiran 2.0) Songs Download - Masstamilan Audio

2.0 mp3 song download masstamilan

If you are a fan of Tamil movies and music, you might have heard of 2.0, one of the most expensive and successful films in Indian cinema. The movie features superstar Rajinikanth, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, and British actress Amy Jackson in lead roles, and is directed by S. Shankar, who is known for his sci-fi and action films. The movie has a stunning soundtrack composed by A. R. Rahman, who is one of the most acclaimed and popular music directors in India and abroad.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about 2.0, why it is popular, and how you can download its mp3 songs from, a website that offers free and legal Tamil mp3 songs. We will also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of downloading 2.0 mp3 songs, and answer some frequently asked questions related to the topic.

2.0mp3 song download masstamilan

What is 2.0?

2.0 is a 2018 Tamil-language 3D science-fantasy action film that is a standalone sequel to Enthiran (2010), which also starred Rajinikanth as Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti, a humanoid robot. In 2.0, Rajinikanth reprises his roles as Vaseegaran and Chitti, who are called upon to save Chennai from a mysterious bird-shaped creature that is causing havoc in the city by stealing cell phones from people. The creature turns out to be Pakshi Rajan (Akshay Kumar), a former ornithologist who has transformed into a powerful being after exposing himself to radiation from cell phone towers. He seeks revenge on cell phone users for causing harm to birds and their habitats.

The movie follows the conflict between Chitti, who is reactivated by Vaseegaran with some upgrades, and Pakshi Rajan, who has control over all electronic devices. Along with them are Nila (Amy Jackson), a new humanoid robot created by Vaseegaran, who can understand human emotions better than Chitti; Dhinendra Bohra (Sudhanshu Pandey), Vaseegaran's rival scientist who wants to destroy Chitti; and other supporting characters.

Why is 2.0 popular?

2.0 is popular for many reasons, such as:

  • It is one of the most expensive Indian films ever made, with an estimated budget of 400600 crore ($5583 million). It is also one of the highest-grossing Indian films worldwide, earning over 800 crore ($110 million).

  • It is the first Indian film to be natively shot in 3D, using 3D cameras rather than converting the film from 2D to 3D in post-production. It also uses advanced visual effects and animation, which took over three years to complete.

  • It features Rajinikanth, who is one of the most popular and influential actors in Indian cinema, with a huge fan base across India and abroad. He plays multiple roles in the film, showcasing his versatility and charisma.

  • It has a powerful message about the environmental impact of cell phone radiation on birds and nature, and the need for humans to coexist with other living beings. It also raises ethical questions about the use of artificial intelligence and robotics for good or evil.

  • It has a captivating soundtrack composed by A. R. Rahman, who has won two Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, and many other accolades for his music. The soundtrack consists of five songs, each with a different genre and mood, ranging from romantic to patriotic to energetic.

How to download 2.0 mp3 songs?

If you want to enjoy the music of 2.0 offline, you can download its mp3 songs from, a website that offers free and legal Tamil mp3 songs. Here are the steps to download 2.0 mp3 songs from

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  • Go to , the official website of masstamilan.

  • On the homepage, you will see a search box where you can type the name of the movie or song you want to download. Type "2.0" and click on the search icon.

  • You will see a list of results related to 2.0. Click on the one that says "2.0 (2018) Tamil Movie Songs Download & Listen to MP3".

  • You will be redirected to a page where you can see the details of the movie and the songs, such as the cast, director, music director, singers, lyrics, and duration.

  • You will also see a table that shows the names of the songs and their download links. The table looks like this:

Song Name Download Link --- --- Endhira Logathu Sundariye To download a song, simply click on the download link next to it. You will be asked to choose a quality option, such as 128kbps or 320kbps. Choose the one that suits your preference and click on it.

You will then see a countdown timer that shows how long it will take to download the song. Wait for a few seconds until the timer reaches zero and then click on "Download Now".

The song will start downloading automatically to your device. You can check the progress of the download in your browser or in your file manager.

Repeat these steps for each song that you want to download from 2.0.

What are the benefits of downloading 2.0 mp3 songs?

Downloading 2.0 mp3 songs from has many benefits, such as:

High-quality audio

The mp3 songs that you download from are of high quality and clarity, as they are encoded with advanced technology and compressed without losing much data. You can choose between different quality options depending on your device's storage capacity and your internet speed. The higher the quality, the better the sound.

Free and legal

The best thing about downloading 2.0 mp3 songs from is that it is free and legal. You do not have to pay any money or subscription fees to access the songs. You also do not have to worry about violating any copyright laws or facing any legal issues, as has obtained the permission and license from the original creators and owners of the songs. You can download and listen to the songs as many times as you want without any restrictions or limitations.

Easy and convenient

Downloading 2.0 mp3 songs from is also easy and convenient, as you do not have to go through any complicated or lengthy processes or sign up for any accounts or memberships. You just have to follow a few simple steps, as we explained above, and you can get the songs in a matter of minutes. You can also download the songs from any device, such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and transfer them to other devices if you want. You can listen to the songs offline anytime and anywhere, without any interruptions or ads.

What are the drawbacks of downloading 2.0 mp3 songs?

However, downloading 2.0 mp3 songs from also has some drawbacks, such as:

Storage space

The mp3 songs that you download from will take up some storage space on your device, which might be limited or scarce depending on your device's capacity and usage. The more songs you download, the more space you will need. If you run out of space, you might have to delete some files or apps to make room for the songs. You might also have to back up your files regularly to avoid losing them in case of any damage or malfunction of your device.

Internet connection

To download 2.0 mp3 songs from, you will need a stable and fast internet connection, which might not be available or accessible everywhere or at all times. You might also have to pay for the data usage or bandwidth that you consume while downloading the songs, which might be expensive or limited depending on your internet plan or provider. If your internet connection is slow or interrupted, you might experience delays or errors while downloading the songs.

Virus and malware

Another risk of downloading 2.0 mp3 songs from is that you might expose

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