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Download Bus Simulator : Ultimate APK and Drive Realistic Buses in Various Locations

Bus Simulator Ultimate APK: A Review

If you are looking for a realistic and immersive bus simulation game for your Android device, you might want to check out Bus Simulator Ultimate APK. This game lets you drive various licensed buses across different countries and cities, while managing your own bus company and competing with other players online. In this article, we will review Bus Simulator Ultimate APK and tell you why you should download it from We will also give you some tips and tricks on how to play the game better and enjoy it more.

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How to Download and Install Bus Simulator Ultimate APK

One of the reasons why you should download Bus Simulator Ultimate APK from is that you can get the latest version of the game without waiting for the official update from Google Play Store. You can also access some exclusive features that are not available in the regular version of the game. Here are the steps on how to download and install Bus Simulator Ultimate APK:

  • Go to [1]( and click on the download button.

  • Choose a mirror link that suits your device and download speed.

  • Once the download is complete, locate the APK file on your device and tap on it.

  • If you see a warning message about installing apps from unknown sources, go to your device settings and enable it.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the installation to finish.

  • Launch the game and enjoy!

Before you download and install Bus Simulator Ultimate APK, make sure that your device meets the following requirements:

  • Android 5.0 or higher

  • At least 1 GB of RAM

  • At least 2 GB of free storage space

  • A stable internet connection

To update the game, you can either check for updates on or uninstall the current version and install the new one.

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How to Play Bus Simulator Ultimate

Bus Simulator Ultimate is a game that combines driving simulation with business management. You can choose from over 30 different buses, each with their own detailed cockpit and realistic sound effects. You can also customize your bus with various colors, stickers, accessories, and upgrades. You can drive across over 20 countries and 300 terminals, each with their own realistic maps and weather conditions. You can also interact with your passengers, who will react differently depending on your driving performance and service quality.

To play Bus Simulator Ultimate, you need to learn how to operate your bus, how to manage your bus company, and how to compete in multiplayer mode.

How to Operate Your Bus

To operate your bus, you need to use the following controls on your screen:

  • The steering wheel to turn left or right

  • The accelerator and brake pedals to speed up or slow down

  • The gear lever to change gears

  • The indicators to signal your turns

  • The horn to honk

  • The wipers to clear the windshield

  • The headlights to switch between day and night mode

  • The door button to open or close the doors

  • The ticket button to issue tickets to the passengers

  • The radio button to listen to music or news

  • The map button to view your route and destination

  • The menu button to access the settings, options, and statistics

You can also use the tilt or touch mode to control your bus, depending on your preference. You can adjust the sensitivity and difficulty of the controls in the settings menu.

How to Manage Your Bus Company

To manage your bus company, you need to use the office mode. In this mode, you can see your company's name, logo, balance, income, expenses, reputation, and ratings. You can also see your fleet of buses, your staff, your routes, and your contracts. You can perform various actions in this mode, such as:

  • Buying or selling buses

  • Hiring or firing drivers

  • Assigning drivers to buses and routes

  • Creating or deleting routes

  • Accepting or rejecting contracts

  • Upgrading or repairing buses

  • Advertising or marketing your company

  • Checking your achievements and leaderboards

You need to balance your income and expenses, as well as your reputation and ratings, to grow your company and become the best bus company in the world. You can also join or create a club with other players and cooperate or compete with them.

How to Compete in Multiplayer Mode

To compete in multiplayer mode, you need to use the online mode. In this mode, you can join or create a room with other players and play together on the same map. You can choose from different game modes, such as:

  • Race: The first player to reach the destination wins.

  • Free Ride: The players can drive freely on the map without any rules or objectives.

  • Team: The players are divided into two teams and compete for points by completing objectives.

  • Capture the Flag: The players try to capture and defend a flag on the map.

  • Zombie: One player becomes a zombie and tries to infect the other players by crashing into them.

You can also chat with other players using text or voice messages. You can make friends or enemies, cooperate or sabotage, praise or insult, depending on your mood and style.

Tips and Tricks for Bus Simulator Ultimate

If you want to improve your skills and enjoy Bus Simulator Ultimate more, here are some tips and tricks that you can use:

How to Earn More Money and Gold

Money and gold are the main currencies in Bus Simulator Ultimate. You need money to buy buses, hire drivers, upgrade buses, create routes, accept contracts, etc. You need gold to buy premium buses, unlock features, skip ads, etc. Here are some ways to earn more money and gold:

  • Complete missions: Missions are tasks that you can do while driving your bus. They can be things like driving a certain distance, carrying a certain number of passengers, reaching a certain speed, etc. Completing missions will reward you with money and gold.

  • Watch ads: Ads are videos that you can watch in exchange for money and gold. You can watch ads after completing a route, in the office mode, or in the shop. Watching ads will also remove some ads from the game for a while.

  • Use coupons: Coupons are codes that you can enter in the shop to get money and gold. You can find coupons on the official social media pages of the game or from other sources.

  • Buy bundles: Bundles are packages that you can buy with real money in the shop. They contain money, gold, buses, features, etc. Buying bundles will also remove all ads from the game permanently.

How to Improve Your Driving Skills and Ratings

Driving skills and ratings are important in Bus Simulator Ultimate. They affect your income, reputation, and passenger satisfaction. Here are some ways to improve your driving skills and ratings:

  • Follow the traffic rules: Traffic rules are the laws and regulations that govern the movement of vehicles on the road. They include things like speed limits, traffic lights, signs, signals, lanes, etc. Following the traffic rules will prevent you from getting fined, crashing, or losing passengers.

Drive smoothly: Driving smoothly means avoiding sudden or harsh movements that can cause discomfort or danger to you or your passengers. It includes things like accelerating, braking, turning, overtaking, etc. Driving smoothly will increase your fuel efficiency, reduce wear and tear, a

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