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Crash and Burn - Just Breathe

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I've been running hard. School, Work and Life in general. All the markers that I would look forward to were changed. I can't remember what a weekend looks like, or what is taking a break at work? I'm not sure when I am suppose to take vacation.

I had been pushing myself too hard. Then it happened. BOOM!. I had crashed, no energy, on the verge of quitting school and walking away from work. That is when I decided to do a good old stand-down. Stopped everything. I had to do a safety check on myself.

I went to bed early. I actually got some sleep. I thought about what my problem was and decided to take action. I had to make another plan of action. I scrapped the old one;

it wasn't working.

I felt like I was ;having to react versus anticipate. I pulled up my calendar and planned my day, week and the next 30 day. I was taking back control. I met with my professors, developed a schedule for work, getting back to working out, and making sure I have something I love too do everyday.

I am beginning to feel better. Yes, I'll survive. We all will. It is just finding that balance in our remote lives. Call your best friend. Spend some quality time with the family. Most of all take care of yourself.

It is bound to happen to us at one time or another. Just keep breathing and take a step back to see what needs to be done to get you back your balance.

Hang in there!

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