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Blog - Dr Nemam Ghafouri COVID-19

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

The team that went Iraq managed to get back. One had completed get two shots before leaving. He came back in good shape. The other three caught COVID-19. I haven’t heard from them but understand that they are ok for now. It is the news about the Doctor that is concerning, she is in the hospital. She has dedicated her resources and energies to helping the refugees in the camp for many years.

We share a love for photograph, she loves Canon and I love Nikon. It was joy to my ears to hear her give such a hard time about my camera.

It must be going on five or six years that we have met with her. I did not realize exactly how much love and respect I have for this selfless person. I can’t imagine what life will be like for all the people she has helped.

Dr Nemam Ghafouri may all the good you have done in this world be the positive energy and spirit to bring you back in good health. There will be so many broken hearts should you pass. Mine will be one of those.

In your moments of time that sit still and gives you space to breath, think of the people in your life that have nothing but good to give. Be thankful for their gifts and resolve to pass it on when you are given the opportunity to do so.

Find that peace they have given you. Remember who it was that gave it to you without expectations of repayment.

i will say the name, Dr Nemam Ghafouri and be thankful for what she has given me with love and friendship.

Be well and know that you are beloved.

Dr. Nemam Ghafouri 2019 by Stanley Rapada

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