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For my Capstone and Practicum Class Assignment

Updated: May 3, 2021

The purpose of this assignment is to be able to direct perspective employers to an online source which will highlight my qualifications and if I would be a good fit. The truth be told, I'm not looking. Right now I have several possibilities of employment that have asked me to apply, and a couple that do not require an application. They call me and ask if I am available. However for the sake of my class, which is also my final. I be a team player.

Currently, I have agreed to work on two films, one in Iraq and one in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I have two projects that I am currently working on, one is with Wooden Boats for Veterans, (almost two years now) and an International film honoring the international humanitarian, Dr. Nemam Ghafouri of Sweden. There are gallery shows tentatively on the shelve showing photos of refugees to raise money to assist the Kurdish that currently reside in refugee camps.

I have had my worked highlighted by various international media outlets as well as interviews.

The above is where my Media X experience will be enhanced.

To be more practical, I have made a promise to continue to work with the veterans of the University. I will negotiate to include my special activities which is pretty good public relations for the University.

Here is what I wrote as a cover letter for an application at the University.

Stanley J. Rapada

Senior Chief Petty Officer, U.S, Navy Retired

(209) 641-XXXX

Human Resources

University of the Pacific

3601 Pacific Avenue

Stockton, CA 95211

To whom it may concern:

I am applying for the position as Assistant Director, Military & Veteran Center Primary. I have been acting in this capacity for the past several years under some very unusual circumstances. I have read the requirements for the position. I have worked with the Military and with veterans for almost 50 years. I understand the experience they have had, are having and will have. I know how to effectively help them transition from one phase of their lives to another.

American veterans are one of the most complex beings in our society. Their training has only one focus, that is to complete their mission and do it better than anyone else. We have taken these young women and men retrained them. Everything that they were taught up until that point was wiped from their belief system. Everything their parents, teachers and religion had taught them was no longer a part of them, but rather tucked away in a safe place within their being. A veteran is taught war and survival. Ultimately they are convinced beyond all logical reason to sacrifice themself for the benefit of a greater good. Veterans accepted that they would die for a belief. That is a considerable gift that they give to us.

American veterans are told that we thank them for their service; that anything that we can do and give in recognition of their service was theirs without question. They earned that kind of loyalty and devotion from a grateful nation. From experience, I have found that we come up short. It is not intentional on our part that it is so, but rather a lack of knowing and understanding. That is what I bring to the University of the Pacific.

I have called upon congressmen when the system failed to provide lifegiving medication to a veteran and caused him to have to buy it on his own until the system figured it out. That one took four hours to straighten out and made sure he was reimbursed for his expenses.

I have taken calls in the middle of the night to tell me that they had a daughter. They had to tell me.

I have had a veteran student that was so traumatized, he could only live in his car and convinced him there was a better way. I got him to VA medical, got him enrolled and made sure that all the basic needs that he had were met.

I feel deeply for these magnificent women and men. I know together we can do better. The University of the Pacific is the perfect place for veterans to become the next greatest generation. I am living proof of what the University is capable of. I will graduate in the Class of 2021.


Stanley Rapada

I know, this cover letter is not the textbook over letter. My thought was I needed to get to the head of the pack and answer the questions that they would need a response to during the interview. I have worked many years in the field and have a reputation. Besides, I have been doing the job for the past several years.

My reasoning for being so bold is my age. I have retired twice, am a disabled veteran, on Medicare. I've got more years behind me that I have before me. I'll be lucky to make to my 86th birthday. But it is a chance.

Here is a copy of my resume: (it is abbreviated). No one in their right mind would want to review my work history of over 53 years. It would be exhausting.

Stanley J. Rapada

Senior Chief Petty Officer, U.S, Navy Retired

(209) 641-XXXX

Education: University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA B.A. Media X and English, Class of 2021

Honor Society: Mortar Board, The National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Tau Delta

San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, CA A.A. Liberal Arts

I have 15 years of experience working in a higher education environment with veteran students. My core principles and goals are:

1. Provide strong foundational direction for veteran students to transition from military to academic life.

2. Increase veteran student population and retention

3. Provide enhancing experiences that embraces the veteran student holistically

4. Actively solicit donations to create a continuing positive growth of the Military and Veteran Student Center and manage responsibly budgets and resources.

5. Track veteran students for success and failures to anticipate and correct shortcomings and identify resources/services for improvement

6. In all things involving veterans, be an ambassador of the University of Pacific to the school, community, groups etc.

San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, CA August 2001–August 2017 Veteran Center

· Increase veteran population from 40 to over 300 enrollments

· Guided veterans through various school, Veteran Administrative processes, i.e., apply for admissions, financial aid, VA benefits, disability, medical benefits, housing, etc.

· Met with Veterans with various disabilities and provided direction and services.

· Scheduled various professional veteran services to come to the Veteran Center VA medical, Veteran Housing Program (HUDVASH), and Disabilities Counselors.

· Supervised Veteran 10 – 20 Work Study students in the daily operation of the Veteran Center

· Planned, coordinated and conducted Veteran events to create/continue to honor veteran traditions and culture.

Senior Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy 1970-2002 (32 years)

Other Experiences BA English and Media X, UOP Class of 2021

Humanitarian to refugees in Northern Kurdistan, Iraq

International Humanitarian Photographer Veteran Outreach Presenter and Coordinator

2016 California Community College Employee of the Year

2016 San Joaquin Delta College Employee of the Year

Military awards, medals and commendations list and references and transcripts provided upon request.

The next question you will be asking yourself is why. Specifically asking, why work at all. It comes down to my core values. They are the core values the from my military service, "Honor, Courage and Commitment." I have a debt to repay to the men and women that have served in the military. They gave what I did not. They gave their life. I still have mine and owe it to them to see it through. I have dedicated my life to them and humanity. It is my personal duty to become the best version of myself in order to give the veterans and my communities the best. This I will do until my last breath when I will join them and be able to say I gave my all. I gave them my life.

In closing, if you are interested in hiring me, by all means let me know. If not, I plenty of things to occupy my time. I have updated my knowledge base, rekindled my passions, and caught my third breath.

If you are interested in things I have done and my photographs and films, here a few links.




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