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If you think you are tired and ready to give up on your dream

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

We live in a society that has an expectation of instant gratification. Step back and look around. You have to work at it. Especially if it is worth anything. Remember, what you pay for is what you get. I waited over 50 years to complete my degree. I've worked hard, raised and supported a family with my wife. Finished two careers. Yeah, there were times when I was scared as hell that something shitty was going to happen. Yes, it did. But, I kept at it. I learned from my failures and my successes. Hwew I am. The first week of May I will graduate with two degrees; one ne in English and one in Media X. The next day, maybe, I will start another full-time job and doing it for a couple of years, maybe.

I've been fortunate, but I worked for it. So quit running in circles and go after your dreams. If an education is yours, I can help. If you just need someone to listen to you whine and complain, I and that as well. When you get done, I'm going to kick you in the ass and motivate you. My contact information is here. If you want to do a fact to face, let me know, I'll set it up. Do anything, but don't give up. I'm here if you want some one to tell you what to do, how to do it, who to contact, when to do it, and where. Just like we did in the military. Then well build your confidence, get you accustom to this world. You deserve a good life. You earned it.

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