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It has been over a year

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

I have not posted on this website for a while. My friend, Dr Nemam Ghafouri, had died. It is a loss that I still feel deeply.

I nevertheless have not slowed down.

  1. Completed the renovation of the new Military and Veteran Student Center for the University of the Pacific. The 2800 sq ft facility, located at 265 West Knoles Way, opened last August.

  2. New project: Raising 3 million dollars for the renovation of the Manor to create housing for the Universities growing veteran student community.

  3. Have connected with great partners in the community to support the University of the Pacific veteran student community. Here are just a few:

Col. and Mrs. John Rogers - has donated $130,000 for the renovation of the new Military and Veteran Student Center. Additionally, they have pledged one million dollars for the renovation of apartments, The Manor, for veteran students.

David Rajkovich (Rajkovich Ranch) - has monthly dinners for veterans at his ranch. He hosted a dinner celebrating their graduating class of 2022. He continues to contribute to the care and feeding of the University of the Pacific veteran students. Additionally, MVSC will partner with him in the restoration of the USS Lucid MSO (458) which will become the Maritime Museum in the city of Stockton, California.

Terry Morin - Terry his the founder of Wooden Boats 4 Veterans, a program that helps veterans to transition from the military. He has taken countless veterans sailing in the San Francisco Bay and along the California coast. We are in the process of planning sailing trips for veterans this summer and fall.

President and Mrs Christopher Callahan - The support that the president of the university continues to provide is exceptional. Veterans receive the best education and support in resources and community. The success of vocational rehabilitation students is 100% graduating and employment. The same can be said of any veteran student attending the university. As for Mrs. Callahan, she is decorated the MVSC. The center is functional, peaceful and inviting. It is a great place to study, meet veterans and be supported.

Finally, I graduated cum laude, double major, English and Media X, 3.67. Next is to go to graduate school for my Masters Degree. I am now the Director of the Military and Veteran Student Center.

If you have any questions about being a veteran student, about my experience as both a student and the Military and Veteran Student Center, you should call me or FaceTime, (209) 641-8421, send me an email to It would be great to meet and talk with you.

Currently, I am planning trips to visit community colleges across the State. One of the things that has haunted me has been veterans don't think anyone cares, wants to help or gives a shit. I do and so does the University of the Pacific. I have reached out to Cerro Oso Community College to plan a visit. If your school is interested in a visit, please let me know. I'm building connections and want connect with you and your veterans.

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