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Ready for the transition - reinvent yourself.

Helping Veterans to Receive Benefits

You got out. You did your time. What do you do?

Welcome back to the world.

You have learned to become a part of a team.

You were trained to follow orders.

They never told you everything you would need to know to prepare for the next big change in your life.

You have landed in the right place.

I was in the military long enough to tell you what to do. I watched over you the entire time you were serving. I was that non-com, gunny, chief that made sure you knew the mission, had all the resources you needed to be successful, and made sure that you were safe and secure. I have you covered.

I'll lead you to where you want to go. I'll be here for you until you figure it out; feel confident and secure. I've got your back.

I am currently a Senior at the University of the Pacific. I am also the Senior Chief (retired) overseeing the Military and Veteran Student Center at UOP. I have experience as a student and as an administrator.

If you want help, or need direction, contact me, Stan Rapada or (209) 641-6841. If you call, text me first and let me know who you are or leave a message. My phone has a robo blocker and screens all my calls.

It doesn't matter what school you want to attend; it does mean I can be there for you to help you navigate the system. I have your back. If I don't know the answer, I'll find someone who does.

Carry on.....

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