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Reboot, Recharge, Reset - Looking forward to Fall 2021

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Almost year ago I was heading back from Iraq with my friend, Richard Campos, U.S.Marine. We were hustling to get back stateside; Duhok, Erbil, Geneva, Frankfurt, Los Angeles and finally San Francisco. The world was going into a lockdown. A world pandemic was about to devastate the lives of millions. Today, it looks like we will have lost a million in the US alone.

Today, I am starting to plan my return to a life that will be modified but closer to normal than the past year.

Now is a good time to start getting back into the mindset that we'll be able to return to school, work and being with each other. Stretch out those emotional and physical muscles. Start warming up to hit the ground running.

I believe it is going to be a great Fall 2021 at the University of the Pacific.

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